The Imperfect but Perfect Person

Woman today are too worried about their appearance. Many women are insecure about their body and sometimes even personality -- always asking questions like “Are my breasts too small” or some cliche statement for instance “Does my butt look too big.” But what causes women to be this way?

Before television made an American wide phenomenon women cared less about their appearance, or rather were shielded from the “sexy” models which are marketed on television countless day and night. After television became popular women began viewing commercials of other women, their fashion and personality and later on more and more women getting exploited throughout the media and television shows because of their looks.

By this, women somehow subconsciously believe that men think they should look and act a certain way. From this, cosmetic surgery, breast implants and other medical procedures have been performed on females of all ages seeking the “perfect body.

The truth is, most men do not believe this. Men have a weird impulse which drives them. Men’s minds only see what they want to see. So if a woman is beautiful she is beautiful and nothing more or less. As I always say, “The perfect person is an imperfect person.”

If your boyfriend or husband wants you to change, he does not truly love you. Love is unconditional and not based on beauty.