Selfless Behaviors

A good way to keep the passion alive in a relationship is for both partners to make a conscious effort to engage in selfless behaviors. Selfless behaviors are behaviors that are done solely for the pure satisfaction of the other. Simply because we desire to give them pleasure and make them happy.

By engaging in selfless behavior it makes the other person feel important and special. They will feel deeper appreciation for you. It promotes feelings of closeness and intimacy. More than likely when you engage in selfless behavior you will end up receiving a reward, because your partner will be so pleased and appreciative they will want to reciprocate.

Therefore when both partners do this for one another on a regular basis it creates a reciprocal circle of passion and intimacy and keeps the fires burning.

Of course selfless behaviors can and should be in all parts of the relationship, but for the purpose of this discussion we are focusing on sexual selfless behaviors.

Some good selfless sexual behaviors to give your man:

-place mirrors around the bedroom so he can see you give him oral or watch you slide down over his shaft. Most men are voyeurs at heart. They love to watch.
-give him an unexpected quickie (men love quickies)
-give him unexpected oral in an unexpected place such as in the car or at work (always swallow)
-masturbate for him

Some good selfless sexual behaviors to give your woman:

-caress your woman with words before, during and after sex (with the right words you can have your woman weak in the knees and full of desire)
-give your woman some special foreplay and after play (women love it when you adore their body)
-devote an evening to being an oral connoisseur for your woman
-romance your woman and remember that how you treat your woman outside the bedroom is very important as to what will occur in the bedroom.